Philip Kuruvita - Only Grand Master of Photography in Tasmania, specialising in black + white candid family, kids portraits

Fun and laughter, pink rosy cheeks and big hugs. Candid family portraits that show you relaxed, happy, and laughing.

Black and White family and kids portrait photography in Launceston by Tasmania’s only Grand Master of Photography Philip Kuruvita.

Professional children kids photography & portrait pictures.

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Every couple of years we make a point of being available in the studio over the Christmas New Year break for our portrait clients who are having family gatherings  during this period. As the kids get older, it gets harder and harder t...
Phil's View
Come with us  on an adventure deep into the Tasmanian wilderness for 4 days of amazing photography, good food and wine and time to spend with people with the same passion as you.    This  amazing photographic workshop w...
Your corporate headshot is how the rest of the business world will first meet you, and as the old saying goes, you only get one chance at a first impression!  Your image needs to convey in a clear and concise manner all the attributes ...


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