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Your corporate headshot is how the rest of the business world will first meet you, and as the old saying goes, you only get one chance at a first impression!

Your image needs to convey in a clear and concise manner all the attributes you want your clients and potential clients to see in you. Charming , approachable, trustworthy , confident and professional are just some of the things that these people will either see or not see when they encounter your image.

In the corporate world, a selfie shot with your iPhone just doesn’t do the job. Save them for your personal Facebook page and treat your corporate image with consideration and respect. There is still plenty of room to show your character, and the spark in your eyes while still adhering to a very high level of professionalism and sophistication
The subtle differences that that a well executed professional portrait can make will go a long way towards enhancing the perception that the business world has of you.

We believe that shooting in our studio will give you the best possible corporate portrait. In the studio, we can control all aspects of the lighting and background, and you won’t have  work related interruptions , helpful comments from other staff and colleagues in the room, or any  other distractions that will compete for your attention while you are  having your portrait taken.

We will discuss with you the look and feel of the images that you would like,  what to wear, hair and makeup, etc so we know how you would like to be portrayed in the business world We will also dicuss the different images that you might need for different situations. Your website may need a totally different feel to your linkedIn profile or your annual report.

Once in the studio,  we will coach you through the whole process. How to stand, what to do with your hands, and how to get some  genuine expressions and emotions into your images, while we  take a series of images with a variety of facial expressions and levels of seriousness!  Most people are looking for a smiling approachable look that will serve as a  great first impression , however if you need to put out a press release with bad or sad news,  a smiling  happy image may not be the most appropriate.

Once the images have been taken, we will process them and upload them to a private page on our dropbox server so that you, and anyone else who needs to be involved in the decision making process can view the images and let us know which ones you would like. At this stage, it is important to remember that  we have done no retouching or manipulation to the images. That gets done in the next step when we make the final files of your selected images.

Final files have been colour adjusted and had any necessary retouching done to them. We tend to remove any obvious ,temporary blemishes like pimples, shaving cuts etc, and we will discuss with you to see if you have any specific requirements such as the removal of scars or birthmarks. We generally aim to soften wrinkles and crows feet, and to make the images look like a faithful representation of you on a really good day.

Once this has all been done, we will upload your images to a folder so that you can download them or send the link to your graphics department. We generally provide files that are 3000px on the longest side in JPEG format, as this seems to cover most uses that they will be needed for, however we can provide you with files to your own specifications if you let us know what your require.


  • Single outfit/background combination:  $150 per person plus $35 per final file ordered
  • $75 for each additional outfit or background ( so 2 outfits on 2 different backgrounds= $150 + $75+ $75+ $35 per final file )

If you have multiple staff that you would like photographed, and we can organise a schedule to photograph them on the same day, we offer good savings to the overall cost.Feel free to contact us with your specific details, and we would be happy to tailor make a shoot for you and your staff.

Our most popular option is 2 different clothing options on the same background ( either a white background suitable for deep etching and background removal, or a dark studio background ) This option would cost $295 ( $150 for the shoot, $75 for the additional clothing option, and $70 for 2 final files)

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Having your pictures taken should not be a traumatic experience. we will have fun, chat about all sorts of things and end up with some great images that show you to be a confident, reliable and approachable person  that your clients or future employers would be happy to have around.


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