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Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Every couple of years we make a point of being available in the studio over the Christmas New Year break for our portrait clients who are having family gatherings  during this period. As the kids get older, it gets harder and harder to get the whole family together so when it does happen, it is a great opportunity to do an extended family portrait.


This picture was taken in Sri Lanka probably in 1969 and shows my Dads extended family, with his parents, all his siblings and their children ( he is the one to the centre of my Mum, the only Austrian in the picture, and I am the short one next to him)

From the look on peoples faces , I don't think it was much fun at the time, but I am really glad that we have this picture. I am now the oldest surviving male in the picture, and only Mum and the Aunty to her left are left from the generations before ours.

If you want to capture your own bit of history, give us a call or leave a message here.

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