Philip Kuruvita - Only Grand Master of Photography in Tasmania, specialising in black + white candid family, kids portraits

If you want to improve your photography, this your chance to have one on one mentoring with a Grand Master of Photography. We can talk about portrait, wedding or landscape photography, The subject matter and outcomes  of our workshops are totally flexible and designed to address your questions about photography - whatever they may be.

Perhaps you are new to the world of professional photography and want some help with photographing a wedding or family portrait or perhaps  you just want some help to get the best out of the equipment that you have, or you want to be challenged to take your photography to the next level of personal expression, this is ideal for you. There is no one else to worry about, so my full attention will be on you for the whole period, and we can set some very achievable goals to progress your photography in any direction that you want to take it.




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