Cradle Mountain


Its 5 am, dark and its snowing. The alarm goes off and for the rest of the family it’s annoying, but not as annoying as having to listen to me trying to be quiet as I gather my gear, put on a ridiculous number of layers and eventually , much to the relief  of all those still in bed, I sneak out into the gloom.

The first time I visited Cradle Mountain would have been in 1979 and I have been back regularly. This trip was one of 2 annual trips our family makes to the mountain each year. A few days where we stay at the Waldheim chalets, often with our good friends the Gilligans,  we go for walks, play card games ( Wizard has always been the main game )  start drinking earlier than is commonly accepted and eat way too much. It is Wonderful!

Without doubt the best aspect of the trips to Cradle is the fact that our whole family gets to spend time with each other. No one wants to miss a Cradle weekend, and over the years we have all brought other people with us to share in the stunning beauty, friendship and experience.

Most mornings, if there is even a hint of the possibility that we might get some nice light, I head off to take pictures. I have taken a lot of pictures at cradle, and sometimes I wonder if there really is anything left to photograph. But I only wonder that in the few seconds between the alarm going off and getting out of bed because every time I head off is a new experience.

This time the snow was new, I made the very first foot prints around dove lake that morning, the light came and went and it felt like I had the whole wilderness to myself.

The wombats were happy, and the landscape looked amazing.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if I get a great picture or not, concert pianists don’t only play concerts, they spend most of their life practicing, and it is no different for me, I practice every chance I get, and on the day that all the elements come together, I have three of the major things covered, I know what I am doing with my gear, I have my camera with me, and I am there.

Barry & Pauline

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Saturday, 20 October 2018

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