Most people realise too late that their family doesn’t stay the same forever.

We take beautiful portraits, so that your memories are captured,

 and the beauty in your life is never forgotten.


Time moves on, kids leave home, parents grow old, and pets live their lives 7 times faster than we do

Portraits are much more than just a record of how you and your family look.
They form an important and valuable part of your family’s ongoing history.

In years to come, your children and grand children will use these images to define where they have come from ,and the images will become cherished and important items of your family’s story.

We know that finding time to organise everyone for a photo shoot is difficult.

Justifying the expense, knowing what to ask for or what is possible makes people anxious, and often people are worried that somehow they will be tricked or forced into buying something that they don’t want, or can't afford.

We will guide you through this and answer all your questions so that you can decide what course of action you want to follow

You will have a beautiful set of images that you can display in your home, that captures the love and special connections between your family.

It is a way of showing each other and the rest of the world that your family is at the very centre of what is important in your lives.




Because Philip Kuruvita Photography is a small, personal and exclusive studio, right from the start you’ll be dealing directly with the people who will be photographing you. We believe this is essential. From your initial enquiry, whether it be by phone or email, you will be treated with dedication, warmth and respect. From the time you start your portrait experience you’ll be consulted at every step by Philip or Vicki who have over 25 years experience in running a successful photographic studio. Returning to Tasmania after 8 years in Melbourne, their daughter Sam also joins the team to ensure your portrait experience is a fun and enjoyable one!